Tuesday, January 5

Suffering Wallet-itis

Sometimes I really would like to wonder what it's like to not have a car or not go to school and do nothing but make money and buy a nice pair of wheels (and a pair of heels). I don't want to rant right about now ... BUT owning a car is a pain in the ASS. AND! I'm not talking about

"Oh jeez, my new two-seater-high-roller-big-pimpin-shiny-car that my parents bought me and put the down on because I don't make my own money ... Is in need of oil change/tire replacement/new alternator or what have you, needs to be fixed. It's ok I'll just get money from my parents and cruise down to the shop because I need to pick up my hoe pronto." 

Okay okay, maybe the last part was the 'just kidding' part. But HONESTLY, I know a handful of my own peers that are quasi-like that, no joke. I'm talking about owning your own and having to deal with the fear of breaking down at a light type of owning a car and I also know a few of my friends who are in the same shoes as me. Good thing about them is they know a little som'something about cars and they help me out. And today I felt the pain of having to drive to Wheel Works and get er done AND had to pay for the whole damn thing myself.

I understand when my mom says "Hey you want to go out so handle your own biz and take care of your car". But REALLY? I don't go anywhere besides school and work and sometimes drive to San Fran to see my boo thang. BUT REALLY, if I lived in a place where a car was not needed like SAN FRAN, I would not have to worry about this shit. I live in suburb ass Sunnyvale where public transportation is only somewhat reliable, and trust me I've taken it for years in high school and it's a PAIN. Just to get to De Anza would take me almost maybe 30 to 45 mins max and cost me about 2 bucks. YEAH RIGHT.
Anyways, I'd rather not get run over by bad drivers who attend de anza, who would rather bump foreign music in their car than pay attention to who's crossing streets.

So now my paycheck that I was planning to spend on snowboarding is down to let's say around 80 bucks. Alright, that's cool. That's like one lift ticket and gas. Sick!

Wait ... the quarter just started. Four classes?! Wait, what else .... Oh yeeeeeah ... BOOKS.


p.s. It's really a pain in the ass to drive a car that needs constant maintenance when you know your parents drive really nice new cars, and I mean REALLY NICE NEW CARS. Comprende?