Sunday, January 3

Last New Year's Eve ...

They say 'how you spend your new year's eve is how you spend the rest of your year'. I guess they were kinda right, I spent last New Year's Eve partying penthouse style in Las Vegas with my dad's friends, in n out in one hand and beer in the other, with my dad's friends and my little bro, and texting my boyfriend how much I wished he was there.

I spent 2009 uber spoiled with a lot of things I never expected, carbs and meat in one hand a beer in the other,  hanging out or partying with my moms friends of her age, and texting Andrew how i wish he was 'here' wherever I was at the time whenever I was out partying or vacationing.

I guess that's okay, not really what I planned.

2009 New Year's Eve, I spent 3 hours getting ready, driving to San Francisco and expecting to go the Embarcadero finding out that Andrew and I can't go. Ended up in Japantown eating sushi for dinner and going home fighting and sad that I didn't get to see any fireworks. But we did just hung out in front of the tv and watched Where The Wild Things Are.

I just hope that I don't spend the rest of this year eating sushi (which isn't so bad) and disappointed and always fighting and being lazy asses in front of the tube.

My point is, even though my new year's eve wasn't as glam-ed out as I expected, I still had a mellow fun night at the end, sans the booze. 2010 can expect me:
a) eating healthier - sushi
b) don't expect big things just have fun with the flow - didn't go to embarcadero but had a good night
c) mellow out - movie in