Friday, October 9

The one who loves less has more power in the relationship.

Should I believe in that? Before I got into this whole 'girlfriend' thing, I was selfish - SERIOUSLY. I only thought of myself, ie: never bought groceries for the house and never did shit for anybody and when someone asked me for something, something else had to be done in return. Wow what a devil in prada I was. Love truly turns a person around. Should I even say 'love', maybe it's lust or self-lessness now. Whatever this emotion that has encompassed me and my brain has turned things around.

Now I cry in movies, buy my mom my dad and brother shit other than their birthdays, buy groceries not only for myself but when my mom needs things and not ask her for things in return. Maybe it's the fact that I also work, but now I'd rather buy them things than buy me that fall 2009 purse.

So where am I getting to? I should say that I feel like I'm the one with more feelings or the one loving more and caring more. Does that mean I'm power-less (not powerless). I still try to put up this wall between us but every time I start building, something knocks it down or I refuse to keep at it. Damn it, someone give me a construction lesson!

I want to be the one in Prada's! Be the one that doesn't cry, be the one that gives commands and be the one in power. In this situation, the pants should be shared but even when I'm the one working at it, I'm the one still pussying out to say what I feel. But when put in a relationship, one has to be self-less. Follow the flow of things and even accept the fact that even if you're the one with more compassion, you shouldn't feel to be the one with less power.

My moleskine is missing in action so I'm reverting back to blogger.